8 Cancelled Video Games That Could Have Been a Block Buster

Cancelled Video Games
Cancelled Video Games

There were certain games that had the potential of becoming great games but unfortunately due to financial and technical issues we were never able to play them. There were many cancelled video games that could have been a great success but disagreements brought reduced many gems to just memories.

Here is the list of 10 cancelled games:

The Outsider:

The Outsider begins with Jameson a CIA Intelligence officer who is wrongly convicted and becomes fugitive and it leaves the player to decide on how to proceed with the story. IT was an open-world game where players can use hand to hand combat or weapons. The game development started in 2005 and was ceased in 2011 after 6 years of development by gaming company “Code Masters”.


Eight Days:

Sadly this gem also faced the same fate. Eight Days allowed players to choose between 2 storylines one good and one bad. Both would look to kill Mob Boss and both would end crossing the path and working together to take the Mob Leader down. The reason this game was cancelled due to lack of online mode and Sony Company was mostly focusing on online gaming at that time. IT was put to hold in 2009 but after that, there was no news regarding it.


There is not much news about this game but according to a few sources, this game was based on Jason Bourne Film Series. The name was given “Project Treadstone” but due to the merger of 2 companies Activision and Vivendi, the project was stopped. Check the video at the end of the page to see the gameplay.

Necessary Force:

Necessary Force(Game) takes the player to city which is run by mobs and you have the role of Detective Blade Runner who fights his way and collects evidence in pursuing a kingpin of the city. As the game progresses city starts to come back to life the broken windows suddenly transform into beautiful shops with people buying things. The company that was developing the game closed down and many of its developers went to different gaming companies.

necessary force box art by atomhawk d3b99z1
necessary force box art by atomhawk d3b99z1

Dirty Harry Game:

Another game which had every potential to be a blockbuster was cancelled in 2007 due to budget issue. The game starred Clint Eastwood and was mostly based on the movie storyline tracking down the big boss Scorpio.


Silent Hills:

The most awaited game voiced by Norman Reedus superstar from the series Walking Dead was to play the lead role in this game but the game was announced cancelled in 2015 which led huge criticism among the fans and the company along with Norman Reedus started to work on another game which is now known as Death Stranding.

SilentHillsFF 620x4001

Gotham By Gaslight:

Game based on comic was set to released but never came. It was based in the Victorian time with a misty Gothic Environment and the test tape was well recieved by the viewers(check the video below). It was developed by Day 1 Studios. The game was cancelled after the THQ failed to secure the rights.

Prey 2:

Yes you heard it right, the game was originally set to release in 2011 but after keeping fans waiting for 3 years they officially announced to cancel the game in 2014 but eventually the game got it’s a reboot in 2017.


Here are some more games that we couldn’t mentioned:

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