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If you are a gamer and have an account on Instagram, it’s natural to get inspired by top gamers, known as game influencers, on this social platform. They have millions of followers and a thing that enhances their attraction among the general public because they are the brand ambassadors.

The most important thing about gaming influences is to make a stunning gaming intro video for their Instagram and YouTube channels. They get a good amount of attention from just making eye-catchy gaming into. You can do it too. Just get started with a basic gaming intro maker and design your intro videos today to boost your viewer count.

In case you want to become a gaming influencer on Instagram like them, you need to follow the first and next steps to follow their footprint. When you start following a person, it becomes easier for you to unlock details like how they become a gamer influencer, what tactics they use, etc. So, it’s time to open a list of the best Gaming Influencers to Follow on Instagram.


The name of that person always comes first in the list as this gamer has got fame worldwide. When he started his career on Youtube, he only wanted to play games and share his experience. His Youtube account has 101 million subscribers, and getting this many subscribers showcases his passion and determination for the gaming world.  His Instagram followers are 20 million, and it’s a significant number when you share it with the rest of other gamer’s followers.  If you dig into his account, you come to know that he has created a buzz in the gaming world due to his controversial comments and some acts. He was born in Sweden and has become a brand ambassadordue to his social followers on multiple social media platforms.  His net worth is $20-$90million.


The real name of this Ireland gamer is Sean William McLoughlin from Ireland. People like to follow him because he shares a comical series, and also because of his interest, let’s play videos. This gamer has a golden heart. After becoming an influencer, he used this status to give back to society. He is associated with many charity groups.  One thing that changed the whole life of Jacksepticeye is when PewDiePie mentioned him in his video, and it’s the point when his success skyrocketed. At present, his network is $18 million.


Whenever people talk about the Best Fornite Player in the world, then the name of Tfue will always be there. He has 11.3 million subscribers on the Youtube channel, while 5.8 million people are following his Instagram account. His real name is Turner Ellis, and he is located in Florida. This young professional gamer shares videos on Youtube and Twist, and his gaming life is quite controversial. Twitch banned his account for violating the end-user agreement of Fortnite. Even Youtube deleted his channel, but he still managed to make a good comeback.


If you like to play horror games, you must have seen many videos where Mark Edward Fischbach shares his commentary. Sometimes, he uses offensive language as he is himself and doesn’t care about others; maybe this one thing has made him quite popular among young gamers. People who watch comedy channels may have seen his performance there.  Markiplier has got more than 7 million followers on Instagram, and this number helps him grow his net worth to $24 million.

@ Ninja

Gamers of the 90s can’t forget Ninja Turtle Games at all. So, if you want to meet the real-life Ninja, then Tyler Blevin is there with his 15 million Instagram followers. You can check his game stream on Twitch, where he has got a considerable following. He is known as the champion of Fortnite, but he also plays other games. In case you are interested in his earning, you may be surprised to see that he makes more than $500,000 a month, really unique. Go and follow him on Instagram and see what he is doing.


Daniel Middleton is a professional gamer who owned one of the top paid channels on Youtube in 2017. He is the author of a graphic novel- which is the best seller on NYT. Danny is also known as The Diamond Minecraft. His net worth is $18million; he earns from his youtube channel. These days, he plays Fortnite and other games to bring more variety to his platform. With more than 3 million followers, he creates a real gamer buzz on Instagram.


If you are crazy about games like Evan Fong, then you should subscribe to his VanossGaming Channel on Youtube, where he has 24.8 million subscribers. One exciting thing about him is that he quit his studies to put his sole focus on the gaming industry. He is regarded as the top gaming influencer in 2017 by Forbes. He is well known for playing GTA and Call of Duty.  His net worth is $8 million, and he is a director of Dead Realm, a video game.


Ali-a’s real name is Alastair Aiken; he is one of the most popular Youtube vloggers and gamer in the UK. He owns three channels on Youtube; two tracks are about travel and real-life adventures, while one is all about the gaming experience. This UK gamer has four Guinness World Records, and he got this much recognition by playing Call of Duty and Minecraft gaming. He has 3 million followers on Instagram. However, his youtube channels mainly contribute to his s $16million net worth.

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