E-readers vs. Tablets – Who Is Worth Your Money?

E readers vs tablets

We live in what may be remembered as the Screen Age in the future. Screens are everywhere. From Smart TVs (which are pretty high-tech) to modern smartphones, screens are everywhere. It is easy to see why. Interacting with elements on a screen with your fingers is far more intuitive than using a mouse or a controller or any other intermediary device. As the demand and penetration of affordable services like Spectrum deals went up, Wi-Fi gave us the ideal footing to shift towards portable devices that could access the internet anywhere in the home.

Today the average home has at least one TV and smartphone. But there are several other screen-based devices that we use for their convenience. E-Readers and tablets are frequently found in homes all over the United States. An E-reader is essentially the 21st Century book, and it offers many more features than your average paperback. On the other hand, tablets are often a larger version of your smartphone. The larger screen allows for an enhanced and enriched user experience. So which one should you choose? Read on to find out which one is best if the following apply to you.

Easily Distracted Bookworm

Many of us don’t read if we can help it, so if you read independently, that’s already a big win in our book. But even when reading, it is very easy to get distracted. If you have trouble focusing on your reading, a tablet may not be the best idea. Tablets have tons of apps that can access the internet, so you’ll keep getting distracting notifications. If you have social media apps on your tablet, you can expect to spend far more time scrolling through feeds than you would spend on reading. You don’t have to be ashamed of being easily distracted and losing your focus. But if you really want to make headway on those great books, you should opt for an E-reader. A device built for the specific purpose of reading books has a lot fewer distractions by default.

Functional Utility Fanatic

Are you an app fanatic? Do you like changing themes, launchers, and wallpapers? Do you like messing around with your Android devices? Do you tinker around with roots and ROMs? If so, then you might want to hold off purchasing an E-reader and opt for a tablet instead. Most Android tablets have access to the same apps as an Android smartphone. That means you can use a tablet to do almost everything you can with a smartphone. An E-reader is great for reading, but it probably won’t let you download things like music apps or video streaming applications.

Portability Perfectionist

Device portability can often be a huge deciding factor. This is especially true in certain cases when you have limited carrying space, such as when traveling. Those large tablet screens make it a lot of fun to watch movies and TV shows. But the same large screen can be a problem when on-the-go. Tablets are bulky, and often heavy thanks to larger batteries. This can make carrying a tablet around a major annoyance. By comparison, E-readers are far lighter and more compact. This makes them very easy to carry around. E-readers also have longer-lasting batteries, which means you may not always need a charger on hand.

Near-Sighted Readers

Tablets often have advanced AMOLED screens that you can use to read indoors. But in bright light, such as on a sunny day, you won’t be able to use the tablet due to the glare. This gets especially annoying if you already have problems with your eyesight. You may still be able to use the tab, but the reading most likely will give you a headache. E-readers are designed specifically to improve the reader’s experience. They have special screens that can handle reflection, glare, and other problems. If you’re intending on doing most of your reading outdoors and are near-sighted, you should consider an E-reader.

Color Crazy

Most E-readers don’t have colored displays. Since they are designed for reading, they usually have black-and-white monochromatic screens. This is usually no problem if you are reading a book. But material with images, such as magazines or catalogs, will be a problem. The E-reader is simply not built to display color, so you won’t get the full visual experience.  Instead, opt for a tablet so you can enjoy high-quality images to the fullest.

The Price Factor

E-readers are typically far cheaper than the average tablet. This is because most of them only have a single purpose: to display black-and-white text. Very few apps can access the internet, so a huge battery isn’t needed either. For the avid reader, an E-reader is a sound investment. But for people who want more, such as social media apps, streaming apps, and the ability to play games over Spectrum Wi-Fi plans you would be better off buying a tablet. Of course, even mid-range tablets will tend to be more expensive than E-readers. But the increased functionality and customizability can often prove to be worth it.

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