Mike Tyson Games that Every Boxing Fan Should Know About

Mike Tyson Games
Mike Tyson Games

Boxing have always been a favorite sport of many people centuries ago and playing game of boxing is a treat especially when you are playing as Mike Tyson.

Here is a lost of some Mike Tyson games:

UFC 2:

Finally after a long time EA sports brought mike tyson in the octagon. Fans would finally be able to play as Iron mike in ufc. Though the game fans will have options to play as iron mike in 2 different stages of his career.


WWE 13:

In WWE 13 game you get the life time opportunity of wrestlers taking one on one with iron mike. Mike tyson appearance in this game is similar to the mike tyson of 90’s when he was guest referee of austin vs micheals match. You can also get to use signature moves of mike as well.

WWE13 Tyson
WWE13 Tyson

Fight Night Champion 2011:

The fifth of Fight Night Champion Ship introduced better graphics, better fighting and better than the previous version. The game introduced full spectrum punch option in which allows players to throw punches by using stick of game controller rather than using traditional way of punching by pressing button. It was the only game in the boxing series to have online gaming mode where you can compete for online champion ship and have to defend the title 6 times a day in order to remain the champion.


Fight Night Round 4:

4th installment of the fight night series have legacy mode which replaced old career mode. This game worked on defense in which player can defend both the body and the head and improved counter punching.

Fight Night Round 4
Fight Night Round 4

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing:

Initially released in 2002 after tyson comeback from prison. It included many heavyweights of the 90’s era where you can beat being mike  although the game lacked in graphics and other mechanics but still it was big back than when he was about to make a comeback.

mike tyson heavyweight boxing ps2
mike tyson heavyweight boxing ps2

Mike Tyson Boxing:

Mike Tyson Boxing was released in year 2000. It allowed players to create 8 man tournament for the competition of the champion ship and you can storm your way all the way to the top.


Power Punch 2:

Released in 1992 for Nintendo this game was based on scoring system with one minute round timer. It features tyson as “Tough guy” Tyler in which tyler is unbeatable champion and his promoter boast about his fighter reach an alien promoter who offers tyler to defend his title from the opponents all around the universe which includes aliens.

power punch 2
power punch 2

Punch Out:

This game is in the memory of every kid growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s. The first appearance of Tyson in the game but not as a hero but as the game hardest boss who little mac have to face in the end in order to conquer the title. A classic in mike tyson games.


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