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Many people have wished to own a business in their lives. Some have achieved building it, and others have changed their mind due to various reasons, from a shortage of money to lack of time. The internet provides multiple ways to initiate your online business in the least possible investment and during your regular schedule in today’s time.

People have taken various ideas for granted because they think such business ideas will not generate a considerable amount of income or they have fallen into a trap before. That is why this article has come up with one such online business that many people have taken for granted. It is known as the reseller hosting business. You certainly cannot imagine that being a reseller hosting provider lets you acquire a great deal of recurring profits throughout the year with thoughtful and minimalistic efforts.

Let’s get going with first understanding the term -Reseller Hosting. 

What is Reseller Hosting?

reseller hosting

As the name infers, in the reseller hosting business, you buy a web hosting service from a hosting provider and resells it to your customers. It enables you to host yours and customers’ websites on the server. That implies that one can make use of the purchased hosting resources of the server for his own requirement, as well as to sell them to their clients as a web hosting service. Your web host provides your different reseller hosting plans based on the amount and nature of resources. You can choose the one fulfilling your business needs.

Reseller hosting becomes a sensible and great option, especially for those who are running the web design and development business. They can draw more clients towards their business by offering them the hosting solution also. Who would not want to rush to different places if they can get everything under one roof!

The next segment explains the popular types of reseller hosting you will encounter in the industry.

Types of Reseller Hosting you can choose

There are two famous web reseller hosting services available in the industry that you can look to buy any of them.

1.   Linux Reseller Hosting

The Linux reseller hosting will provide you with cPanel/WHM (Web Host Manager). It incorporates unlimited host domains, SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, free domain reseller account, various MySQL databases, and unlimited email accounts.

If you run your business utilizing the scripting languages like PHP, Linux reseller hosting is the beneficial choice. There is always a means of threat from hackers when you are doing business online. However, opting for Linux reseller hosting will give you the most reliable and secure market environment.  On the other hand, it also lets you have cost-effective solutions.

2.   Windows Reseller Hosting

Another option you can have is windows reseller hosting. This reseller hosting will provide you with a Plesk control panel. It incorporates unlimited host domains, SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL and MSSQL databases, unlimited email accounts, and a free domain reseller account.

If you are looking for the standard web design software like the Front Page, the Windows Reseller Hosting Platform is ideal for you. You can get all the extensions to work on the Windows Reseller Hosting. It is best suited for individual businesses and to manage vast databases. It is the best performer for data management as it easily integrates data from the database using the Access database. Though there are other databases, such as MSQL, the Access operates best with Windows. The Windows reseller hosting plans are a bit more expensive than the other hosting plans, but it is the best in its all services.

Points that your reseller web hosting partner should have.

To establish a successful reseller hosting business. it is crucial that you consider the following factors and confirm if the reseller hosting company you are looking for can provide you with these facilities or not –

Customer Support

Before you sign up for any hosting company, make sure if it gives customer support 24/7/365 as you may need the technical support the most in the case of emergency.


For the website, uptime plays a considerable role in giving a boost to your business. Check if the hosting company renders the maximum uptime or not.

Money-back guarantee

It will be great if the hosting company can offer you money-back policies. You will be able to trust them while taking their services and can get the experience of whether it suits your business or not.


You cannot precisely determine how much traffic you will accumulate on your website and how many clients you will have in the coming years. Thus, your web hosting provider must give you the scalability option.

Comfortable contract period

Check the minimum contract period for your reseller hosting account and the further renewal or updating plans. So that you will be prepared for what action to take in future situations and do not have to let business affect in any case.

Risk Management

When you will initiate your reseller hosting business, you will have to take charge of various things. The growth of your business will depend upon the stability and succes of your hosting provider. Ensure the proper administration, accounts, and backups for not to let your customers fall in trouble.

Are you willing to know one such reseller hosting provider that can fulfill all the requirements to let you with the reseller hosting business? If that is your concern, find the solution in the subsequent segment.

Who can fulfill all your requirements?

The Wise Solution company focuses on providing satisfying customer service. It incorporates all the above-discussed factors, including 99.99% uptime and a full 7-day money-back guarantee. Furthermore, the company gives you the privileges to utilize its website builder to create your website along with the reseller hosting services. It offers you a total of hundred ready-made templates using which you can build your site within 10 minutes.

Browse the company’s website to discover various other services, privileges, offers, plans, packages, and information –

You can connect with the company’s professionals for your inquiries. They all are certified, trained, and experienced in their respective fields.


After beginning your reseller hosting business, again, the point of not taking things for granted should be in your mind. The real hustle will begin when you come into the ground of a reseller hosting business along with your competitors. Apply suitable marketing strategies to make people aware of your business and establish your unique identity in the industry. The discipline in your hustle will let you achieve your goals.

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