The 10 Best Zombie Games of All Times

best zombie games of all times

We’ve collected a list of the very best zombie games of all time on PC but the thing is they just keep coming just like the undead themselves zombie games keep shuffling onwards evolving the infection or casually reinventing genre for their own benefits and that’s why we’ve cobbled together this list from discarded body parts and decided what the best undead to play on PC and be prepared for a few surprises

Here are the 10 best PC  games to play

Resident Evil 2

resident evil 2 remake

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when we wondered if zombies were finally finished if the dead trying to eat the living was so familiar as to be utterly mundane

then their Resident Evil 2 remake burst through our boarded windows and showed us just how horrible zombies can still be perhaps the most impressive thing here is that there’s always in racing to are terrifying for the entire duration of the game.

you know-how is there scary at the start when you’ve only got half a bullet casing and a butter knife to defend yourself but they’re toast when you get to the bigger guns, wrong even in the rest to end game it’s hard to suppress a horrified sigh when you see a room full of lolloping dead heads and you can run past them but one of the res eaters smartest tricks is throwing liqueurs into the mix he’ll hear you whenever you sprint try running around they’re zombies.

World War Z

World War Z

Who cares if it came out chicks calendar eight years after the movie of the same name based on the 2006 book of the same name World War Z was a wonderful rotting surprise this year sure for player squad-based zombie shooting isn’t reinventing the gory fleshy wheel but that’s not really the point

These fast-paced zombies up the tension significantly and then there’s the fact that if they can’t find stairs they will just build themselves into a rotting pile and climb walls like pants nope not terrifying at all

the sheer volume of the infected here is a treat and you can construct various traps and turrets to make every fight feel like humanity’s last stand against the undead the guns are fun and sure it screams left 4 dead 2 but that’s definitely no bad thing when it comes to taking on the end of the world with your friends.

State of decay 2

state of decay 2

when you think of the state of decay 2 the first thing that pops into many people’s heads is the amount of time that we had to wait for it but that’s rather unfair to a game that does an excellent line in post-apocalypse Base building

it’s pitched as the ultimate open-world zombie survival game in which you and three friends can team up to create a community of survivors and while the undead are a constant annoying threat it’s the decisions that make the state of decay so compelling

you have to manage resources Cinda scavengers and manage the relationships with your neighbors either by joining an alliance with them or deciding that maybe just maybe you need their supplies more than their friendship it’s a revealing take on how you’d survive the end of days and a nice change from endless headshots or jump scares.

Overcooked! 2  night of the hungry horde

Overcooked 2

Has no one ever thought about the fact that zombies might not be awful at all but just really really angry well that’s a question that overcooks two’s DLC night of the hungry hordes explorers as you cook up a storm in the kitchen while fending off sloughs of evil vegetables

yes, super evil who knew that a carrot could look there is instead of just serving up food a standard the hungry horrid means you’re cooking for the starving zombie likes outside who are hammering down boarded up windows in search of herbs,

make orders in time for them and they’ll go away and let you rebuild your defenses and do it all over again this isn’t just a great use of the word hangry which honestly needs to be used more but a tasty and inventive shuffle of the standard overcooked chaotic kitchen mechanics

They are billions


If you’re fed up with constantly being on the ground battling the infected and not looking at the bigger picture they are billions is the game for you you might not be able to see the individual humans losing their lives to the hordes but from up here you have to manage defenses and keep the last few thousand humans on earth from becoming walking fast food

finally, outs of early access the are billions is now a complete and suitably stressful strategy sum and now has a full campaign as well as survival and horde modes building your steampunk city balancing resources hiring soldiers and watching for the next invasion is nail-biting stuff

If you truly want to put your zombie survival money where your mouth is prepare for the true taste of your apocalypse beating skills you can’t just turn around like me and see that your survival technique would be Scotland even if it is.

Strange brigade

strange brigade header

First things first they’re not exactly zombies but it does seem unfair to neglect strange brigades bandaged undead just because some of them come in special wrapping paper I know I know that makes the mummies but look how these shuffles look how they look like weeds that won’t follow those well until I do I mean really who is to tell they’re shuffling horde that they aren’t actually is grouped as Romero’s hungry predators certainly not

Us, until we get zombie army for next year strange Brigade, is an excellent desperate shoot for survival faced and there’s even an amusing narrator to lighten the mood when the desiccated corpses all get a bit much

Plus this is all the more fun to play with friends as you collect treasure that can’t be shared and take on hordes of scorpions and armies of the undead there’s even the added fun of having to be later of your own coffin if you die you can’t get much more zombie lately that.

Far cry 5: dead living zombies

Far Cry 5

If the drug-addled inhabitants of far cry fights Hawk County weren’t quite undead enough for Romero s tastes don’t panic the dead living zombies DLC is here with all the necrotic flesh you could ever dream of.

The dead living zombies don’t just risk in the map with the undead and leave you to it you’re being steered by the horror movie-loving director guy Marvel an invisible narrator constantly talking in your ear as you more don’t shamblers with your standard particle weapons

with a stack of bosses and tongue seriously in cheek missions, the dead living zombies is an enjoyable easy trip back into last year’s shooter plus if you prefer a nuclear apocalypse to a zombie packed one all you have to do is load up Far Cry new toy isn’t it nice to have a choice when it comes to the end of the world

Sunset Overdrive

sunset overdrive

If there’s one thing that zombies love more than fresh human brains it’s social commentary want to watch a gory skewing of consumerism watch dawn of the dead or play dead rising but what about the times you can’t catch with how many energy drinks everyone’s slugging like there’s no tomorrow

hello sunset overdrive these mutants aren’t technically zombies but you could always pretend that Aldi doesn’t stand for overcharge drinkers but her original datings state in case you were wondering this glowing caffeinated offering from insomniac  sport and games actually only came to PC late last year so it’s a perfect time to catch up with the previously Xbox exclusive action

like the next entry on this list half of the fun of sunset, overdrive is crossing the map in new and inventive ways as you hurtle down zip lines and fire ludicrous weaponry the apocalypse is much funny.

Dying Light: Enhanced Edition

Dying Light

Okay so now you’ve arrived at the part of the list that features two zombie games so good that it’s impossible not to add them to every list first off dying light a sprawling open world free running sandbox that’s a bit like if you added the undead to Assassin’s Creed fine it’s not exactly like that but if you haven’t played the original seen how dynamite 2 looks and how far off we are then you might have just found the perfect way to spend your time until early 2020 the terrifying day and night cycle here is a real treat and there’s just so much to do while running across rooftops is fun battling the infected is a brilliant way to pass the time and die lights seemingly never-ending DLC means that you’ll always find something new to do to let you Sapir way through hordes of the undead this lot don’t need caffeine to feel.

Left 4 dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 Last Stand

If you want to team up with some friends and experience the ultimate fight for survival against endless zombies there’s still nothing to beat left 4 dead 2 sure if you’d rather be killing rats than reanimated close that’s all the nightmares in one package so thanks for that then  Giocare veramente 2 is more cutting-edge but if it’s the best version of Valve’s reactive grasping board survival game you’re after

Then left 4 dead 2 is as good now as it was a decade ago the fact that noir two games are the same probably helps find three trusted friends and you can play this for long enough to outlast any IRL zombie apocalypse.

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