You are planning to start a YouTube channel, but don’t know about the video format that should be used? When you upload a video on YouTube many formatting options come before you and selecting the best option becomes very confusing. Each format has its advantages and disadvantages. To make sure that your video comes on top and is visible to people, video quality should be the best and the YouTube video size should be as required. Read on to know the best video format for YouTube.


You need to learn some technical aspects before uploading the video on YouTube. Many people tend to ignore the video format before uploading on YouTube and this adversely affects their video quality and reach. So, First things first.

YouTube has a set format in which it accepts videos. Before uploading the video on YouTube, you need to make sure that your video is in one of the following formats so that it is accepted by YouTube.

  1. .MOV
  2. .WMV
  3. .MP4
  4. .AVI
  5. . MEGPS
  6. . WebM
  7. . PropRes
  8. . MPEG4

Let’s go on to each format aspect one by one.

File format:

According to us, one of the best video formats for YouTube is the MP4 extension. Even the YouTube platform considers this video format as the best. Keep the video in DVD- compliant MPEG-2 program stream. In case this stream is not supported use MPEG-4 format.  Combine it with an AAC audio codec and H.264 video Codec and it will work wonders. Not only will it give you a high-quality video but the file size will also be smaller.


If we talk about the best format in terms of Resolution for YouTube videos, record your videos in 1080 pixels (1920*1080) and it must be original. You must be thinking why this resolution? Because it is considered to be a High dimension (HD) which looks good on all kinds of devices and it also provides the highest degree of flexibility in the encoding and playback process.

Aspect Ratio

For the aspect ratio, make sure that the videos are in their original aspect ratio and while uploading should not have letterboxing or pillar boxing bars.  The standard aspect ratio is 16:9.


The video that you have chosen to upload must be at a frequency rate in which they are originally captured and not the ones which have been resized.


Uploading a video on YouTube is more difficult and time-consuming as compared to other social media websites. A small mistake can make a huge impact on the content and quality of your video. YouTube is only about videos and therefore it is important to be wise and select the best video format for YouTube. It is better to stick to the .MP4 format and other formatting conditions as specified above. Keep in mind to upload the original and best quality of the video. If you follow these guidelines, it will help you in having the best quality of videos for your page.

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